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Sharing Your Testimony

Key 1:
Share Your Testimony


Before you learn any specific techniques or strategies... You can use your personal testimony to begin
evangelizing right now.
Your personal testimony is the greatest tool you have to work with.
No objection exists that can refute your personal testimony because it is your own experience which no one can add to nor
take away from.
Your personal testimony is what gives you the conviction that you have something of real value to share with others.
Without a personal testimony of what God has done for you, you are not fully equipped to begin evangelizing

3 Reasons to Use Your Testimony

1) Facts Tell, Stories Sell - When people hear an actual experience of someone who went through something it evokes an 
emotional response and people generally make decisions based on emotion not logic.
2) Testimonies are Relatable - A person can identify with someone else who went through an experience and came out victorious.
 This gives people hope.

3) Stories Help Illustrate Doctrine - Your testimony gives people something tangible to compare the gospel message to, in order
to correctly evaluate it's significance.

How to Share Your Testimony

A Good Testimony Has 3 Parts

1) What was your condition before meeting Jesus
2) What exactly did Jesus personally do for you that made the difference in your life
3) What is your condition now after receiving Jesus as your Savior
1) What Was Your Condition Before Meeting Jesus?
a) Give details if appropriate?
b) What was your state of mind?
c) What was your outlook on life?
d) How was your situation affecting the people around you?
e) Was your situation affecting your physical or mental health?
f) Was your own or anyone else's life in danger because of your lifestyle?
2) What exactly did Jesus personally do for you to make a difference in your life
a) How was He introduced to you?
b) When?
c) Where?
d) By whom?
e) What was your initial reaction?
f) If your initial reaction was negative, what changed your mind?
3) What is your condition now
a) How has Jesus' intervention changed your life for the better?
b) How do you see yourself now?
c) How do you see other people now?
d) How has your approach to life changed?
e) How do you see your future now?
f) What motivates you to share the gospel now?
Suggested In-Class Exercise: Have each of your students briefly share their testimony with the class.
Suggested At-Home Exercise: Have each of your students write out or make a Video of their testimony.
NOTE: The video exercise is just to help the student perfect the sharing of their testimony, it doesn't mean they have to share the 
video with anyone.
When we see ourselves in a video we are able to see and hear ourselves objectively as other people see and hear us and many 
times this can make a huge difference in the way we present ourselves.
We can use this experience to evaluate our presentation and and become better, more effective in sharing our testimony of what 
Jesus Christ has done for us.
Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion